A unique festival in the Caribbean where Creativity, Heritage, Pride and Fun come together!

DSC01113What is this festival all about?

President of BKE and founding mother of the Caribbean Living Statues Festival, Loekie Morales, is very happy to announce that thanks to our sponsors, the 3rd edition of this Festival (CLSF) will take place on the 18th, (Statues by Night) 19th and 20th of December 2015 (from 11.00 – 5.00 pm) on Sint Maarten (Dutch Caribbean).

This form of art involves a life performance of people acting as they were statues with a little story to tell. The artistic discipline requires mastery of suspended motion. With his body language, the Living Statue tells in brief moments of motion its story and seeks to confuse or astonish the audience. A Living Statue can portray historical events, cartoon-fantasy figures, social or cultural life styles and may consist of one, or several performers. They are the essential core of the statue or tableau. Attributes and surroundings may be the necessary completion. During the festival the audience will enjoy their performances.



This CLSF is a competition festival of those living statues, where a panel of culture specialists and the public (via voting boxes) will choose the statues with the best performances. The judging panel will emphasize Content, Craftsmanship, the Artistic Values, Originality and Innovation, but also the Aesthetics and Entertainment of the living statues. There are 3 prizes: two with an equivalent of $250, and the number 1 overall winner CLSF of that year. The overall winner will get a ticket to the Netherlands, to participate in the World Living Statues Festival in Arnhem, in September of the following year.


The themes of this 2015 Caribbean Living Statues Festival are:

1. Celebrating Local Visual Artists (whereby the works of our local artists will be represented as statues or tableaux)
2. Celebrating the first Lustrum of 10-10-10 (5 years celebration of our Country Status).
3. Celebrating Fantasy (Famous Strip/animated ‘Sprookjes/Fairy tales’ figures).



Signing Up for CLSF as a living statue participant?

Before the festival itself, BKE will conduct information sessions in October and November, on ‘How to become a living statue, the Ethics etc.’ followed by an intensive 5 days workshop. The detailed info for subscription will be announced in the newspapers: The Daily Herald and Today.

The public can enjoy the statues free of charge. Children from the age of 8 and up are allowed to participate. The statues participants can register by filling in the commitment forms (valid ID is required), sign them at NIA (National Institute of Arts), at the Long Wall Road. The CLSF participation fee is $60,00 for 8-21 years old and from 22 years and older $75,00. For this amount they get a full week of workshop and info sessions, material and care from our technical and caring helpers, and security by the Red Cross during the exhibition dates. Come with old clothing and props and a nice and sincere smile on your face and have fun with us during our Caribbean Living Statues Festival!


Sign up as a statue or helper for this program?

For more info about subscription as a statue participant or to be a helper/volunteer: Please, contact Arlene Haley (our partner) at 5240441, or Mrs. Loekie Morales at 5271223, or write us at our FB Page Caribbean Living Statues Festival.


Our Sponsors:

This 3rd edition of the CLSF is made possible thanks to the support of our major sponsors: TELEM, GEBE, the Prins Bernhard Cultural fund, the Representative of Holland in Philipsburg and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and Beyond Kultura Events Foundation friends.