Participation Morales At Siman Ban Lesa Great Success

It is with great pleasure, that I have participated in the children book week in Curacao, said Loekie Morales. I was invited to the ‘Siman Ban Lesa’ as the only childrens book author from Sint Maarten by the Biblioteka Nashonal Kòrsou (BNK). The “Siman di Ban Lesa” is a yearly event of their national READING program. It all happened during the week of 19 November to 23 November, where authors and artists visit primary schools to read, act and teach children the arts in a child friendly way.

Morales has visited 9 schools to tell stories and act together with the children her ‘Mina Marina’ story to keep our oceans, rivers, ponds and all waters in our environment clean. ‘I have enjoyed the story with approximately 500 students from, especially the target groups of age 7 to 13 years old, or Groups 4 – 5, 7 – 8.

The theme this year was ‘Friendship’ or AMISTAT, and with the characters Mina Marina (the exotic Caribbean mermaid), Bola (the green turtle) and Perucho (the Indian merman) it felt great to tackle the theme on several levels.

The schools were well prepared when receiving my visit and the children were very enthusiastic and interested to participate actively in showing kindness, compassion, understanding and more to show friendship.

All teachers showed that it is a great experience for the students to encounter LIVE the authors of the books they have been reading during the year. They are eager to experience the author and a life performance of her work.

The children book week was closed of with a book signing ceremony at Book store Boekhandel Mensing Caminada, where Morales was interviewed by VIGILANTE, which has broadcasted the interview on their TV and radio channel.

‘I am thankful and consider it a privilege to over and over again, be one of the author-participants to promote reading in schools’, Loekie Morales, author of 9 children books with Caribbean based stories, said.

Photo: Loekie Morales showing some of her books.

Distribution of Books ‘Chella and the Weird Woman’ successfully finalized by BKF

The latest spiritual child of author Loekie Morales, ‘Chella and the Weird Woman/Chella en het vreemde vrouwtje’, was distributed last week to all the primary schools on Sint Maarten.

‘It was a great pleasure to donate a box of 27 books for comprehensive reading to the schools. Each one of them have received visit from the Beyond Kultura Foundation’s (BKFs) representative/project leader Ingrid Holaman, who sometimes was accompanied by some sponsors.

They were welcomed by the schools in a really nicely, festivity way. The schools scheduled for last week Monday, had a privilege to have the writer herself visiting them.

Loekie Morales: ‘The children at the schools had happy faces and enjoyed to get the books. Some schools have shown me the other books they have gotten from former years from Beyond Kultura, which they have been reading for the children. Most of the children know the story of ‘Mina Marina’ ‘Bonte Boel’ and the ‘Magic Wedding Cake’ still, and some could even memorize ‘Zonnesproetjes’ which was distributed in 2005. This is a good sign.

During a visit of Mrs. Holaman, a student has even given her a small guitar to to hand over to the writer, as gratitude for the books received by his school.

In 2018, January and February, the schools can call up Morales to give a full presentation of the ‘Chella-story’. That will be an interactive act of the story with the children. I am sure they will enjoy it, like the children in Curaçao and Aruba did,’ Morales stated.

‘Last week, we have gotten the good news of the Central Bank, which has helped out financially to cover the rest of the costs of the books. BKF is really relieved with this gesture.’

BKF hopes the children will fully enjoy this story which teaches children to be obedience and to not go with strangers, anywhere’, Morales stated.